Million Dollar Deal With Microsoft Xbox One

Fox Con Magazine has managed to bag the largest order since the start of the magazine. FOX CON has never before got an order as large as this one. 1 Million Dollars is nearly the valuation of our company and we have bagged an order worth as much. Fox Con is so proud to announce this news to all it’s subscribers today. We have also announced a party for all it’s employees on this Saturday to celebrate. Let’s open champagne bottles and enjoy this while we still can because the work load is going to spiral.

Special Promotions

Microsoft XBOX One franchise has decided to aggressively campaign and promote their latest gaming console Xbox One. Sony PS4 has been leading the race so far and have sold over 10 million consoles while Xbox One has sold just 5 million copies. Microsoft has more money than Sony and so they believe that spending aggressively in campaign and bonus and specials will help them bag more orders for their console and help them in bridging the gap also.

Why FOX CON Magazine?

We asked their promotional managers that why us? They believe that we have a huge potential untapped totally. We have one of the largest youngster subscriber base as we are a free to try magazine. They also believe that money will help us retain and expand our base of subscribers and with our advertisements and promotions, they will be able to increase their reach. Not to forget that our subscribers are all online and from various parts of the world. Xbox One has predominantly been a America concept and not so much in other countries like in Asian countries. Microsoft wants to bag lots of orders from countries like India.

What Promotional Offers?

Xbox Live: One of the biggest promotional offer of Microsoft is going to be with respect to Xbox LIVE Game Play. Microsoft will be giving away 1 year memberships of xbox live gold for free of cost. This will definitely cost Microsoft quite a lot of money but with more people experience free live game play option will get a taste of it and will end up subscribing with real money there after. Moreover with free live codes offer, they’ll end up buying Xbox Consoles. Win Win?

Cheap Games & Steam Games Shop – Another interesting strategy from the Microsoft Team is to give free Xbox One games to those people who are not registered Xbox One Console owners. With lots of free games on hands of people and no Xbox, won’t a few people at least buy the gaming console to play these games? Who wouldn’t want to utilize hundreds of dollars worth of free games?

There are many other interesting promotional ideas that WE are going to implement. We are not going to share them today, so stay tuned guys. Watch out for our mails, we are going to start sending them soon. You are a gamer, player, Xbox lover? Then you will love our offers.

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Gaming Development News

Fox Cons have decided to offer some really good game development news today. So if you have just woken up and sipping through your coffee, take a look at what our team has to say today. The gaming industry is getting bigger by the day and we expect it to become a leading industry player in the world. A chunk of animation and graphics work is going on in the USA alone and new countries like New Zealand are working their way to the top. NZ have a huge attraction for animations and they have these studios that make anything possible.

Movie Shooting in New Zealand

A lot of movies are shot in NZ only because of the kind of animated shooting that happens there. Where do you think a lot of scenes of Harry Potter was shot? Yes, New Zealand. NZ is famous for it’s graphics and animation work and is fast becoming a top destination for that. We have overheard from the industry that NZ government is working on building a new smart city which will be made specially as a gaming hub and will invite the top gaming companies to open their office over there. Imagine the kind of investment that is awaiting NZ in coming years?

Sony PlayStation and Xbox have confirmed that they are opening their game offices in NZ. Their new office will exclusively offer you to get free psn codes to purchase the top games from Sony office at a reasonable cost as a promotional offer. With the new smart city on the anvil, we expect New Zealand to become the top destination for gaming development and other adventures.

Assassins Creed Management

Yesterday we spoke to the crew that developed Assassins Creed and they have confirmed to us that they are opening their office at the new hub as well. We even talked to Electronic Arts and they have confirmed their similar stance as well. Does other countries have to worry about gaming developers moving their head quarters to NZ? Right now it is just an office but the kind of environment NZ is looking to offer, we believe that soon entire operations of these companies will shift there. Let’s not forget that movies are already shot in NZ and without NZ a lot of movie dramatic scenes will be incomplete.

One of my friends who work for a designing company that design download hd wallpapers for free has already confirmed that head quarters will soon move out to NZ. USA has a big reason to worry with this latest development as this is surely going to hurt their economic recovery which is anyway moving at a slow pace.

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8 Reasons You Should Hire A Limo

Today we are going to compare driving your own car vs hiring a limo for your inter city travel needs. Remember that we are talking about large cities and not small towns or suburbs. Limo services are anyway famous in large cities and not small towns. Recently while we were at New Jersey, we used a free service of Limo NJ. We had a pleasant experience and wanted to talk about the experience. Eight reasons you should look into hiring a car than driving your own.

1. Traffic Jam – Only a driving enthusiast understands what it is to drive in heavy traffic or getting stuck in a jam. It destroys the entire experience of driving a car as most of the time the car is running in first or second gear.

2. Stress – Driving a car in heavy traffic and getting stuck in jams increases body and mind stress levels and that is not good for health. Become stress free by letting someone else drive you around.

3. Relax – You cannot relax when you are driving in a big city but you can if someone else is driving for you. You can sit at the back seat, playing a game in your smartphone and enjoying the cool breeze from the AC.

4. Gas – Say goodbye to looking at Fuel Tank and filling gas at regular intervals, also waiting in line to fill tanks. Limo services always sends car whose fuel tank is full so that you get a uninterrupted service.

5. Roads Knowledge – Say goodbye to searching for addresses and locations. The drivers hired by Limousine services are often knowledgeable enough to take you around the city, they know their ways and you will not have to worry or bother about finding locations.

6. Parking – One of the biggest mess in big cities is lack of parking. After a lot of stress, you manage to reach your destination only to find that there is no parking space nearby. You have to take the car farther away from your destination just to park the car and then walk back.

7. Damages – Sometimes your cars get damaged by idiots who don’t know how to drive or some people ignorantly ram into a parked car. Everyone has faced this problem and this increases unnecessary maintenance costs.

8. Phone – A lot of business people get very frequent calls and you cannot pick calls while you are driving. To talk on the phone, you usually park your car, talk and then drive again. This will unnecessary delay the time it takes to reach your destination.

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