Welcome To #1 Gaming Portal Lead By Foxconmaine!

Foxconmaine.com is proud to tell you that we have successfully steered through top 10 to become #1 ranking gaming portal. It was a tough journey to go from 11 to 1 but we have done it. 12 months ago we had started this journey to become a gaming portal for players across the world and today exactly a year later, we have became the number one portal online.

We are supplying nearly a million players worldwide with information related to console games to android to games played on social networks. We have a thousand games at our database to look after and we employ over 1000 people, each employee specifically dedicated to a game. Each of our employees have been asked to take over one game and do everything that needs to be done to become the number one information supplier regarding that very game. We have seen that this model is working best and this is how we beat all other gaming portals. We have kept a manager to look after at least 10 employees, that way we have about 100 managers looking after 1000 employees and 1000 games. What do you think about our model?

Another interesting aspect of us becoming #1 is, that we are also growing very fast. While most portals took over 2-3 and some even 5 years to have a thousand games at their database, we have managed to grow to a thousand games within a single year. This means that on average we are adding nearly 3 games a day and 3 employees and one new manager every 3-4 days. One of our employees who works at http://monsterlegends.website, supplying information about the game Monster Legends(playable at android and Facebook as well) told us that their work load is not that high and so we can tweak the rule of one employee one game into one employee and as many game as the employee wants to take over. This way our company can grow faster with the same number of employees and with lesser cost.

If we pay our employees 100 dollars, then each new employee will add 100 dollars of cost to company, whereas if we give 2 games to an employee, we can make it work at 150 dollars instead of 200 dollars. Even the employee will be happy to take two games if their workload is less at 50% extra salary. If we do this, then we can manage to jump to nearly 1500 games in just a few months and also manage to save 50% of the salary costs. We have decided to upgrade this employee in the next financial year to the managerial post for giving such a great suggestion. We are really looking forward for having managers who can help and benefit the company as well as have good relations with the company employees.

Another interesting aspect about our rise to power has been the quality of our employees. Our employees are so good and they work really hard. Just yesterday we hired an employee and he has already built the website blog where he is supposed to write all sorts of information about. We had told him that he has to build the blog in the next seven days and he did it in one day. That is some real quality displayed by our employee yesterday and we see similar trend among others. Interestingly many of these employees are also game addicts and so these people love to write about what they do.

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